About Us

Finda Cloud was founded in 2011 to develop social listening technologies. We launched Social Hunter and Crisis Hunter, enabling businesses to gain real-time insights into social media data and stay ahead of trends. From 2012 to 2023, Finda Cloud grew into a leading provider of social listening and social media intelligence solutions in Greater China. With expertise in Chinese natural language processing, we provided accurate and actionable insights, helping clients make better business decisions. In 2023, Finda Cloud transformed from a digital marketing agency into a value-added IT distributor, specializing in collaboration solutions across APAC. We now empower businesses with best-in-class tools that boost collaboration, productivity and growth.

Our Vision

Finda Cloud aims to become the go-to partner for businesses establishing a strong APAC presence and driving success through collaboration and innovation.

We envision a future where companies across the region and worldwide can work together seamlessly using solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Our Mission

Finda Cloud is focused on helping SaaS vendors expand into APAC by growing their reseller network. We also work with different SaaS vendors as a managed service partner, providing localized support and services.

Committed to long-term partnerships, Finda Cloud helps businesses stay connected and effective in an increasingly global and digital world.

Leveraging over a decade of experience, we provide the collaboration solutions and services that transform how companies collaborate across borders, unleashing new opportunities for growth.

Finda Cloud started as an innovator in social listening and grew into a leader in collaboration and SaaS distribution across APAC. We are focused on empowering businesses and vendors with technologies, partnerships and solutions that will shape the future of work together.

Finda Cloud Partner Program ​ Benefits

Lead Assignment
Transparent Reseller Portal
Reseller Discount
Local Supoort
Professional Guidance
Deal Registration Maintenance
Marketing Fund
Partner Enablement

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