Group conversations by customer

Previously, in Freshchat, multiple conversations from the same customer were shown as separate contacts in the conversation inbox, even though the conversations were all displayed in the middle pane. But now, with the new “Group Conversations by Customer” feature, all conversations from the same customer will be grouped together under one contact on the left pane. This means that agents will see only one customer contact on the left pane, irrespective of how many conversations they have had on different channels.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

●It enables agents to view and manage all ongoing conversations from the same contact in a single place, allowing them to focus on customers rather than their separate issues

●Provide a single view of all the conversations from the same contact so you don’t have multiple conversations listed for the same customer

●To give agents the choice to manage several issues from the same customer by switching between an issue mode and a customer mode in the agent inbox.

New labels for default and custom views in inbox

The new labels in the default view and custom views in the Conversation Status of the inbox will further enhance the customer request categorization process, making it easier for agents to keep track of their workload and prioritize conversations based on their status. The old and new default status are as follows

● All open and unassigned(previously called as New): The view lists and shows you all the

new and unassigned conversations.

● My open(previously named as Assigned to me): The view lists all the conversations

assigned to you(agent).

● All open and assigned(previously named as All assigned): The view lists all

conversations that have been assigned to any agent in your team.

● All Resolved(previously named as Resolved): All resolved views lists all the resolved


● Bot(previously named as Bot conversations): 

The Bot view lists all the ongoing conversations that your bots are handling The new custom views helps agents efficiently manage their workload by allowing them to filter and sort conversations based on their requirements. Agents can define a new custom view by filtering conversations by Topics, Conversation Status, Groups, and Agents. Overall, these default statuses will provide agents a simple and effective way to manage and track customer requests which will help in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of support operations.

Improved intent detection

Intents allow you to set up and map frequent customer questions and utterances to existing bot flows. With Freshchat, you can now fine tune intents and natural language utterances to improve detection and coverage of customer questions.

Bot error dashboard

Troubleshoot bot errors in real time with a dedicated dashboard and drill down into individual conversations to understand what’s gone wrong.

Improved API configuration for the bot builder

API responses are composed of the Body and the Header. The Header typically contains metadata such as the IP address and the authentication method used; The Body usually contains the actual data that is transmitted and used in the chatbot flows. Admins can now use information fromboth the Body and the Header of an API response. This is an improvement from when admin swere only able to configure the Body of the API response while setting up the API library.