Freshdesk’s Threads feature allows agents to collaborate on customer tickets by adding internal notes, sharing knowledge base articles, and mentioning other agents. This helps streamline the support process and ensures that all agents are on the same page when resolving customer issues. It also allows agents to communicate with each other without the customer being aware of it.

Now agents can create Threads on Private notes, start a Discussion Thread, or while Forwarding a ticket to loop in fellow agents and other stakeholders to provide a complete context of the ticket. Agents can collaborate within the ticket using different threads in Freshdesk:

Threads enable agents to 

Agents can tag and notify/collaborate with fellow Freshdesk agents or third parties (using Collaborators) on a Thread about a specific topic or an issue. They can invite any agent or parties into a Thread by an ‘@’ mention to invite them into the conversation, collaborate and resolve a ticket. 

All conversations on Threads will be only visible to agents logged in to the Freshdesk support portal. 
Please refer to these solution articles to learn more about Threads.