• Tencent Cloud International – Less 30% of listed price for all IAAS items with billing starting within April to June 2024 (Q2).
  • Freshworks – HKD 400 incentive coupon for every Qualified Deal Registration, HKD 800 incentive coupon for every Won Case.

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**FY24 Q2 Reseller Sales Incentive Program Terms and Conditions
a. The sales incentive program is open to all authorized reseller partners of Finda Cloud.
b. Participation in the program is voluntary and requires compliance with these terms and conditions.
c. For Freshworks incentive, the minimum ARR of qualified deal and won cases must be >12k ARR.
d. Partners must enroll online and complete the TCI reseller registeration within April 2024 .
Program Period:
a. The program will be effective from 1 April 2024 to 30 June 2024.
b. Any sales made outside this period will not be eligible for incentives.
Incentive Structure:
a. Incentives will be based on the total sales achieved by reseller partners during the program period.
b. The specific incentive structure, including tiers and corresponding rewards, will be communicated separately.
Reporting and Verification:
a. Reseller partners must submit accurate sales reports to Finda Cloud on a regular basis as specified by the program guidelines.
b. Finda Cloud reserves the right to verify the reported sales data through internal audits or any other means necessary.
Incentive Calculation and Payout:
a. Incentives will be calculated based on the verified sales data submitted by reseller partners.
b. The payout schedule and method will be communicated separately.
c. Incentives are non-transferable and will be paid only to the authorized reseller partner.
Compliance and Integrity:
a. Reseller partners must adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines while participating in the program.
b. Finda Cloud reserves the right to disqualify any reseller partner found to be engaged in fraudulent or unethical practices.
Program Modification and Termination:
a. Finda Cloud reserves the right to modify or terminate the sales incentive program at any time, with or without notice.
b. In the event of termination, all eligible incentives earned up to the termination date will be paid out as per the program guidelines.
a. Reseller partners must maintain the confidentiality of any program-related information or materials shared by Finda Cloud.